ADOPTED: FEBRUARY 12, 2018


    ARTICLE I. Name

    Section 1.  The name of the organization shall be the National Pan-Hellenic Council, Incorporated. of Houston, hereafter referred to as the NPHCH, or the Council, or the Pan.


    Section 2.  The National Pan-Hellenic Council, Incorporated of Houston was charted in 1958.



    ARTICLE II. Object

    Section 1. The purpose of the NPHCH is to foster cooperation among its member organizations, focusing on matters of mutual concern, working together to improve the greater Houston community support undergraduate growth and development and to use its collective influence to promote the general welfare of men, women, and children in the greater Houston geographic area.


    Section 2. NPHCH may, at its discretion, participate in social welfare activities to promote the general well-being of the community in which it exists, including but not limited to, encouraging civic engagement, promoting health, and promoting personal development and growth.  The NPHCH will provide educational scholarships through and by the Divine 9 Educational and Charitable Foundation.



    ARTICLE III. Membership

    Section 1.  The Council shall be comprised of the affiliate graduate chapters of the national organizations that comprise the National Pan-Hellenic Council, Incorporated (Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated; Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated; Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated; Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Incorporated; Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated; Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Incorporated; Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated; Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Incorporated; and Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Incorporated) and any other affiliate organization of the NPHC as may, from time to time, be granted membership.


    Section 2. Each affiliate chapter shall have two (2) official voting representatives, but only one vote per chapter. Since each chapter has two official voting representatives, only one representative can vote on an issue. If one official representative is absent, then the other representative has the authority to vote.


    Section 3. Each affiliate chapter representative is entitled to having one vote with the following provisions:


    A. The affiliate chapter shall submit to the Council in writing a list of names, addresses,      and telephone numbers of the official representatives.


    B. Representation by proxy for any official representative shall be exercised by an official chapter alternate


    Section 4. The attendance of each affiliate chapter representative will be subject to the following provisions:


    A. The Council shall have the right to recommend replacement of any representative who does not attend three consecutive Council meetings.


    B. Once the Council has exercised this right, a letter of replacement shall be sent to the president of the affiliate chapter regarding the delinquency in representation. The Council shall request the chapter president to respond within 30 days. A chapter representative must appear at the next meeting to provide a response.


    Section 5. Only chapters whose organizations are recognized by the national body of the National Pan-Hellenic Council may participate in the National Pan-Hellenic Council, Incorporated of Houston.


    Section 6. Only chapters in good standing with their national organization may participate with the NPHCH.


    Section 7. Only chapters whose national organizations are in good standing with the National Pan-Hellenic Council can participate in NPHCH.


    Section 8. In order to remain active as an alumni council, the NPHCH must have no fewer than two (2) participating member organizations active with this council, unless permission to continue functioning is granted by the National Executive Director.


    Section 9. Multiple local chapters of the same member organization may belong to the NPHCH.


    Section 10. The category of membership designated as “active member” means that all required dues and assessments have been paid.


    Section 11. No chapter that is active with another alumni council of NPHC can participate with the NPHCH.


    Section 12. Only those chapters operating within the geographic area of the Greater Houston Metropolitan area are eligible to participate with the NPHCH.



    ARTI CLE IV. Officers

    Section 1. The appointed officers of the Council shall be President, Vice-President, Recording Secretary, Financial Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer, Business Manager, Parliamentarian, and Chaplain, by the designated chapter and organization.


    Section 2. Officers shall rotate in the organizational pattern based on the 2017-2019 election term, as follows:


    • President - Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.
    • Vice-President - Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.
    • Recording Secretary- Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.
    • Financial Secretary - Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.
    • Corresponding Secretary - Phi Beta Sigma Theta Fraternity, Inc.
    • Treasurer - Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.
    • Business Manager - Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.
    • Parliamentarian - Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., and
    • Chaplain - Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc.

    Section 3. The President of the Council shall appoint a Historian, Sergeant-at-Arms, Web Administrator, and any other officer(s) as deemed necessary to serve during the current administration.



    ARTICLE V. Eligibility for Office and Term

    Section 1. To be eligible for office in the NPHCH, an appointed candidate shall be fully financial and in good standing within their respective organization and chapter.


    Section 2. A candidate for the office of President, Vice President, Financial Secretary and Treasurer should have served as a representative within the previous two years.


    Section 3. A candidate for the office of President or Vice President should have served within a leadership position in his or her respective organization, intermediate region/district, or national organization prior to seeking an appointment on the Council.


    Section 4. To be eligible to serve in an officer position within the Council, the local chapter of the appointed member must be in good standing with the NPHCH.


    Section 5. All elected officers shall serve a term of two (2) years in office or until a successor is elected. In the event of a vacancy on the executive board, the position shall be filled by a representative appointed by the president of the affiliate chapter. He/she shall serve the unexpired term of the office.


    Section 6. Officers appointed by the President of the NPHC shall serve a term of one (1) year in office, unless there is a mutual agreement to extend the term, between the President and the respective officer.       


    Section 7.  The president of the affiliate rotating chapter shall recommend the representative who will serve on the Executive Board in the rotational office.


    Section 8. No one can hold any office without the approval of their chapter president and their respective organization.



    ARTICLE VI. Duties of Officers

    Section 1. The President shall:


    A. Preside at all meetings of the Council;


    B. Appoint all committees;


    C. Call special meetings;


    D. Order the disbursement of the funds of the Council and sign checks and all vouchers           whenever necessary;


    E. Exercise general supervisory powers over the work of the other officers;


    F. Direct and control the policy and logistics of current administration;

    G. Require written reports from each of the other Executive Officers;


    H. Assure that each officer performs his responsibilities as outlined in this document;


    I. The President shall represent the Council on official business.


    J. Perform such other duties applicable to the office as prescribed by the parliamentary authority adopted by the council.


    Section 2. The Vice President shall:


    A. Assume the duties of the President in his absence;


    B. Assist the President in the performance of his duties;


    C. Convene over at least one joint meeting of all committee chairmen for the purpose of coordination and clarification of the activities that each committee is pursuing and thereafter to make sure that each committee is functioning.


    D. Perform such other duties applicable to the office as prescribed by the parliamentary authority adopted by the council.


    Section 3. The Recording Secretary shall:


    A. Keep a record of the business transactions of the Council, noting all actions taken whether carried or lost;


    B. Call the roll and keep a list of all committees;


    C. In the absence of the President and Vice President, the Recording Secretary shall call the meeting to order and assign the Corresponding Secretary to record the minutes;


    D. Maintain charge of all papers, and at the close of the term of office, shall turn the same over to the successor.


    E. Perform such other duties applicable to the office as prescribed by the parliamentary authority adopted by the council.


    Section 4. The Financial Secretary shall:


    A. Receive and account for all funds of the Council, and after recordation of these funds, must turn them over to the Treasurer within three (3) business days;


    B. Execute and sign all vouchers for expenditures of fund on order from the President;


    C. Assist the Treasurer in the performance of his/her duties;


    D. Inform the Corresponding Secretary of chapters delinquent in the payment of annual dues.


    E. Record the minutes of the meeting in the absence of the Recording Secretary and Corresponding Secretary;


    F. Serve as a member of the Budget Committee.


    G. Perform such other duties applicable to the office as prescribed by the parliamentary authority adopted by the council.


    Section 5. The Corresponding Secretary shall:


    A. Send out all notices of Council meetings;


    B. Receive and disperse all correspondence of the Council;


    C. Submit originals and/or copies of all notices and correspondence to the Recording Secretary;


    D. Notify member organizations of their yearly assessments and other financial obligations before October 31st of the preceding year;


    E. Serve as a backup in the absence of the Recording Secretary;


    F. Shall be responsible for all publicity on Council activities.


    Section 6. The Treasurer shall:


    A. Receive all monies from the Financial Secretary and deposit all monies within three (3) business days of receipt;


    B. Sign all vouchers, co-sign all checks with at least one other authorized officer (President or Financial Secretary);


    C. Make all disbursements on behalf of the Council upon proper authorization;


    D. Report all receipts and disbursements as separate items to each session of the Council. This report shall be in uncomplicated bookkeeping form.


    E. Deposit all funds and other valuables of the Council in such depositories as stipulated by the Executive Board and/or membership;


    F. Recommend to the body any changes helpful to the achievement of the financial objectives of the Council;


    G. Serve as chairman of the Budget Committee.


    H. Perform such other duties applicable to the office as prescribed by the parliamentary authority adopted by the council.





    Section 7. The Business Manager shall:


    A. Be responsible for keeping a calendar of all Council projects and activities;


    B. Compile a calendar of events of the member organizations. Such events must be presented to the Business Manager in October.


    C. Work with the Web Administrator to add events and updates to the Council's website.


    D. Perform such other duties applicable to the office as prescribed by the parliamentary authority adopted by the council.


    Section 8. The Parliamentarian shall assist the presiding officer in the interpretation of the Bylaws as well as the most current version of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised.


    Section 9. The Chaplain shall be in charge of devotions at Council meetings and all other Council events.


    Section 10. The Historian shall:


    A. Be responsible for maintaining and updating the history of the Council;


    B. Keep records of all historical properties;


    C. Maintain a file of all publicity pieces or documents, souvenirs and magazine/newspaper clippings on the Council.


    Section 11. The Sergeant-at-Arms shall aid the President at all times in keeping order throughout the Council meetings.


    Section 12. Elected officers that miss three (3) consecutive Council meetings shall be subject to the following disciplinary process:


    A. The President shall call the officer regarding the reason for missing three consecutive general meetings. In the event that the member is not reached, contact shall be made by electronic mail and/or U.S. mail within seven (7) days.


    B. In the event that there is no response from the officer and/or the officer fails to provide a justifiable reason for the missed meetings, a certified letter will be sent to the officer's chapter president requesting the officer's replacement within thirty (30) days



    ARTICLE VII. Executive Board

    Section 1. There shall be an Executive Board comprised of the elected officers and the immediate past President of the NPHCH. The President, Basileus, Polaris and Polemarch of each affiliate chapter sits as ex-officio members of the Executive Board of the NPHCH.


    Section 2. The Executive Board shall be responsible for approving the general programs of the Council.


    Section 3. The current Council President shall preside as Chairman of the Board.

    Section 4. The Executive Board shall meet once or more annually at a time and location to be determined by the President of the Council.


    ARTICLE VIII. Election of Officers

    Section 1. A nominating committee will begin meeting in January in odd numbered years.


    Section 2. At the April meeting of the odd numbered years, the nominating committee will present a slate of officers.


    Section 3. The slate of officers will be approved by the Council at the May meeting in odd numbered years.


    Section 4. All officers will be installed at the June meeting in odd numbered years.


    Section 5. A transition meeting between all outgoing and incoming officers shall be held within thirty (30) days of the installation of newly elected officers. During the transitional period, all records and properties shall be transferred to the newly elected officers. This includes, but is not limited to: the Council bankbook and all financial statements; the changing of names on the bank's signature card; exchanging of the mailbox keys; monthly chapter minutes of previous meetings; all correspondence, and any other pertinent information, records or materials vital to the operations of the council. The transition of all records and properties shall be completed by the September meeting in odd numbered years.


    Section 6. In the event an affiliated organization does not present a nomination, it shall be at the discretion of the President to appoint a qualified member as described in Article V of any affiliated organization from the NPHCH. Such appointments shall take place in the odd years no later than the October meeting.



    ARTICLE IX. Meetings

    Section 1. The regular meetings of the Council shall be held on the second Monday of each month from September to June inclusive, except when otherwise ordered by a majority vote of the Council, or by call.


    Section 2. Special meetings may be called by the President or upon request of five member organizations. Notification of a special must be submitted via electronic mail (e-mail) and regular mail (US Postal Service) by the Corresponding Secretary a minimum of five (5) days prior to the meeting date.


    Section 3. Five member organizations shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.


    Section 4. In an emergency, electronic meetings (teleconference, Skype, go-to-meeting, etc.) may be utilized to conduct business if allpersonnel participating in the meeting have access to the appropriate equipment for the meeting. However, these meetings must be ratified at the next general meeting.







    ARTICLE X. Committees and Duties

    Section 1. The standing committees shall be:


    A. Budget & Finance – The Budget and Finance Committee shall keep a check on income and expenditures and prepare a budget each year to be presented in May and approved at the Annual Meeting. This committee is chaired by the Treasurer.


    B. Program - The Program Committee shall be responsible for projects (annual and special). This committee is chaired by the Vice-President.


    C. Ways and Means - The Ways and Means Committee shall plan the fundraising activity and assist in funding of the other activities of the Council.


    D. Protocol (Courtesy) - The Protocol (Courtesy) Committee shall suggest and plan amenities and participation of the Council during the visits of distinguished groups and or/fraternal individuals; extend courtesies to representatives and their families in the event of births, deaths, or any other occurrence that the Council deems necessary.


    E. Publicity - The Publicity Committee shall keep the public informed of activities throughout the year. The committee will contact the media and make use of their public service programs.


    F. Archives/Historical - The Archives/Historical Committee shall provide and maintain the history of the Council.


    G. Constitution & Bylaws - The Constitution and Bylaws Committee shall review and provide changes (if necessary) to these documents during the even year of the current administration.


    H. Technology - The Technology Committee shall maintain the Council's website.


    I. Nominating - The Nominating Committee shall provide a slate of officers for the upcoming administration. Elected officers are President, Vice-President, Recording Secretary, Financial Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer, Business Manager, Parliamentarian and Chaplain. The committee will provide a slate of officers at the May meeting of every odd year. Officers will be sworn in at the Annual Meeting of every odd year.


    Section 2. Other committees and subcommittees can be appointed, as deemed necessary, by the President or the Executive Board.


    Section 3. Electronic Meetings - Electronic meetings (teleconference, Skype, go-to-meeting, etc.) may be utilized to conduct business if allpersonnel participating in the meeting have access to the appropriate equipment for the meeting.


    Section 4. The NPHCH President may appoint a member who is active and in good standing with a local affiliate chapter to chair a committee or sub-committee.





    ARTICLE XI. Finances

    Section 1. The funds of the Council shall be collected by the Financial Secretary, and such funds shall be turned over to the Treasurer within three (3) business days of receipt. Treasurer shall deposit all funds within three business days after receipt from the Financial Secretary.


    Section 2. Proper authorization of the disbursement of funds shall consist of the following:

    A. Submission of official vouchers form with attached supporting documentation such as, but not limited to, receipts, invoices, etc.

    B. All receipts must be submitted by the following meeting or within thirty (30) days of receipt of funds.

    C. Proof of payment and supporting documentation of disbursed funds not received to the Council within thirty (30) days will be considered in non-compliance, according to Section 2B.

    1. Notification will be made by the Financial Secretary to the requestor of funds who is in non-compliance, requesting submission of documentation to the Pan immediately. Submission should be within ten (l0) days of notification.

    2. In lieu of non-compliance of C I, it will be incumbent upon the representative to reimburse the Council.

    3. Failure to comply will result in disciplinary action to include:

    a. Suspension of chapter voting privileges and recognition of events at Pan meetings.

    b. Chapter will be notified of representative who is non-compliant with policy and procedures.

    c. Executive board will decide on resolution of issue.

    d. Failure to comply after ten (10) days, the representative will be expelled from the Pan Hellenic Council and the chapters voting privileges will be suspended until issue is resolved.


    Section 3. Local dues for each affiliate chapter will be assessed equally on an annual basis.


    Section 4. No financial obligation shall be incurred by the Council or any of its members, except as approved and authorized by the Council at a regular or special meeting in which a quorum of its member organizations are present.


    Section 5. Council funds shall be deposited in a legal financial institution and disbursed by signature of the Treasurer jointly with the signature of one other designated officer (President or Financial Secretary). In the event that a check should be made payable to the one of the designated signers, that signer's check must have the signatures of the other designated signers.


    Section 6. If a new chapter from one of the nine (9) national organizations requests membership into the NPHCH, the chapter will not be held responsible for any delinquent debts of an organization of the same name.









    ARTICLE XII. Impeachment of Officers

    Section 1. An elected officer of the Council can be impeached for failure to perform the respective duties of his or her position. An elected officer shall be impeached for the following offenses:


    A. Violation(s) of the NPHCH bylaws.

    B. Deliberate neglect of officer duties and responsibilities as defined by the bylaws.

    C. Willful and malicious destruction of any materials and/or properties belonging to the Council.

    D. Theft of funds from the Council.

    E. Fraud

    F. Any criminal activity leading to conviction in a court of law.


    Section 2. The petition of impeachment shall be submitted by a quorum of the Council membership to the President with the charge(s) or allegation(s) specified in writing. If the President is the subject of the impeachment process, the petition shall be submitted to the Vice-President and the impeachment process will proceed as written in the bylaws.


    Section 3. The petition of impeachment must include the names and signatures of the members in the quorum, which shall be certified by the President to determine that the signatures have been voluntarily affixed to the petition.


    Section 4. The President (or Vice-President, if the President is subject to impeachment) shall have five (5) days to notify in writing, the accused officer that a petition has been received and of the charge(s) or allegation(s). All Council representatives and the President of the accused officer's chapter will be notified that a petition has been received and that a hearing will be held by the Executive Board within thirty (30) days. The accused officer shall be relieved of his/her duties and responsibilities pending the outcome of the impeachment process.


    Section 5. The President (or Vice-President, if the President is subject to impeachment) and accused officer shall, within a 14 day period, agree on a date, time and location of a hearing of the Council representatives for the purpose of reviewing the charge(s) or allegation(s).


    Section 6. If the accused officer has refused to agree to a date, time and location for the hearing, within the 14-day period, the hearing will proceed without the accused officer. The only exception made will be due to extenuating circumstances, such as serious illness, hospitalization or death in the family, or work-related travel.


    Section 7. The Council representatives shall review the charge(s) or allegation(s) and any other information gathered at the hearing and come to a final conclusion, which shall be one of the following:


    A. The offense(s) is (are) not grounds for impeachment and no rehabilitation is recommended.

    B. The offense(s) is (are) not grounds for impeachment, but rehabilitation is recommended.

    C. The offense(s) is (are) grounds for impeachment, and the impeachment is effective immediately.

    D. The offense(s) is (are) unfounded and no action shall be taken.


    Section 8. The voting for the impeachment of the accused officer shall be conducted by ballot, which shall be tallied by representatives appointed by the President (or Vice-President, if the President is subject to impeachment).


    Section 9. The President (or Vice-President, if the President is subject to impeachment) shall have five (5) days to notify the accused officer, the President of the accused officer's chapter and the Council representatives of the results of the vote and final decision.


    Section 10. If the Council votes for impeachment of the accused officer, the office shall be considered vacant and shall be filled by another member of the organization assigned to serve in that position for the current administration, per the established organizational rotation.



    ARTICLE XIII. Governing Procedures

    Section 1. The rules contained in Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern the NPHCH in all cases to which they are applicable, and in which they are not inconsistent with the bylaws and or special rules of this organization.



    ARTICLE XIV. Miscellaneous

    Section 1. Each affiliate chapter shall maintain financial and moral status commensurate to good practices toward the Council programs.


    Section 2. All member organizations shall notify the Council in writing six (6) months in advance, of their organizational plans and programs, which mayor will obligate the Council in any manner.


    Section 3. All affiliate chapters will be asked to furnish a copy of their individual chapter's calendar of activities for the year prior to the October meeting of the Council.


    Section 4. All dues from affiliate chapters shall be payable and or post marked by end of business on the last day of January. A chapter shall be delinquent if dues are not paid by January 31st of each year. Delinquent chapters will be assessed a late fee of fifty (50) dollars.


    Section 5. If a member chapter is considered delinquent or inactive, the chapter can be restricted from decision making, holding office, and voting.


    Section 6. The fiscal year of the NPHCH shall be September 1st through August 31st.


    Section 7. The financial records of the Council shall be audited at the closing of each administration.  A financial audit report shall be sent to all affiliate organizations, and to each member chapter upon request.


    Section 8. The bylaws of the Council shall be reviewed during the even year of the current administration.








    2018 Bylaws Committee

    Letitia Ivey, Chair

    Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. (Houston Alumnae Chapter)


    Renee Hendon, Co-Chair

    Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. (Gamma Omega Zeta Chapter)


    Erica Griggs, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. (Omicron Omega Zeta Chapter)

    Darlene Johnson, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. (Alpha Kappa Omega Chapter)

    Stan Johnson, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. (Prairie View Alumni Chapter)

    Deborah King, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. (Tau Zeta Omega Chapter)

    Damitra Myles, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. (Houston Alumnae Chapter)

    Linda Nwoke, Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. (Gamma Phi Sigma Chapter)

    Charlotte Washington, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. (Psi Mu Omega Chapter)

    Kimberly Wright, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. (Suburban Houston-Fort Bend Alumnae)